The Art of Painting


Adult Painting Lessons For Beginners

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Using Tempera Paints

There are many different items on which artists and students paint, but each has its own requirements for the paint to adhere properly. If canvas...


Painting with Acrylics

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The Wonder of Watercolors

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Study Art Within One Hour

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Spray Paint Art

Hooded figures using small cans of spray paint in urban areas to deface buildings and subway cars with graffiti have been the bane of civic...

Paintings are a well-established form of art, and they are created in many different ways. Most of those done by the Old Masters are oil paints, and this is a favored medium for artists. They prefer to use oil paints because they take an extremely long time to dry, and a nearly infinite range of colors are possible. Mixing different colored oil paints is what creates the large range of colors, and it allows the artists to add precise detail to their work.

While oils are quite popular with artists, they are not the only paints available. There are some techniques and styles that require other paints. Those who need a fast drying method will tend to use acrylic paints, and this is a choice based on speed. The range of colors is nearly the same as oils, but the artist must work quickly. Water colors and tempera are also favored by experienced artists.