The Art of Painting


Spray Paint Art

Hooded figures using small cans of spray paint in urban areas to deface buildings and subway cars with graffiti have been the bane of civic governments across the world. In the opinion of many, these people are criminals rather than artists. Their works are not commissioned, and they have retarded the growth of art using this versatile method of painting. Artists, always pushing the frontiers of their craft, have now taken a firm hold of the idea that using cans of spray paint is a great way to add color and life to their pieces.

One of the reasons spray paint from cans is popular is due to the fact it dries quickly. This gives an artist the ability to create without waiting to show their piece, and it is one of the reasons spray paint is making a concerted effort to become part of modern art. Once applied to a piece, it can be shown within minutes and is ready for sale.

While speed is not necessarily important to any art piece, finishing a creation before a vision fades can make a piece better. Modern artists are as concerned with making a living as any other person, and they need to make fast sales. Today’s spray paints have the added bonus of long wear life as well as a full rainbow of colors.

Art used to be considered something only the very rich could afford, but that changed a few centuries ago. Artists have learned to market their products to a wider audience, and this has given rise to the spread of art pieces throughout many cultures. The current trend is to collect art for the home, and spray painting makes this an affordable way to adorn houses and yards with unique pieces created for visual enjoyment as well as function.