The Art of Painting


Study Art Within One Hour

There are few people who have years to study painting, and even those who study have little time to spend creating their own pieces. For them, limited time for their hobby is a fact of life. When a group of people want to paint together, there are now classes for them where they can paint their own art piece in about an hour. Looking online for classes is the best way to find this type of experience, and it can be a fun way to spend part of an evening with friends or family.

Artists know that people want to make their own pieces, so they have made it easy to be creative without the drudgery of setting up a canvas and choosing a subject. They often prepare a set of canvases for a class, and they do the broad outlines of the piece everyone will paint. While it does not offer the individual creativity people interested in art seek, it does offer a group the opportunity to use their own choice of colors on the same object everyone is painting.

Creativity in this form is a limited style, but many artists are willing to book parties with a special theme. If the person booking the time can get all their friends to agree to a certain subject, then the artist can set up all the needed canvases ahead of time. The group can start their artistic endeavor as soon as they arrive, and they will be able to take their piece with them at the end of the session.

There are many different paintings that can be produced in this manner, and flowers, lighthouses, coffee cups and even birds are favored subjects. Each student gets to choose the colors they will use, and the artist will teach them combine and blend the paints so their own work will be unique.